Advanced Obedience Test and Certification

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To complete Sirius K9 Academy's Advanced Obedience Level (and receive a certificate if attending our class), your dog must be able to perform the following exercises using ONE voice command or hand signal (not both.) No corrections are allowed (verbal or with the leash) and you cannot repeat commands or bend over during the exam. Treats & toys are permitted as a reward AFTER completion of the exercises (not during.) Treat aprons cannot be worn during the test, but you can have some treats in your pocket as long as it is not in a baggie and cannot be seen by your dog. During the Advanced Obedience exam, your dog will be off leash the entire time, however, training tabs are permitted. No training collars are permitted, only a nylon or leather collar can be worn on your dog.

To pass the Advanced Obedience Level, your dog must be able to perform the following exercises:

  • Down, sit, & stand from any position (from 50 yards) using a hand signal only.
  • Formal recall from at least 50 yards with an auto-sit in front of you. Your dog then must return into heel position with a auto-sit. (Your dog can "flip finish" or go behind you to return to heel position when told to do so.)
  • Sit, down, and stand in-motion (your dog must sit, down, and stand while the handler is jogging.)
  • Return into heel position from a jogging sit, down and stand in-motion when told to do so.
  • Sit, down, and stand during a formal recall from at least 50 yards.
  • Must refuse food/treats offered by one of our staff members while the dog is in a sit and down position and while the handler is out of site of the dog. The food may be tossed to the dog or offered by hand.
  • Heel while you are jogging, and walking at a normal and slow pace (includes left, right, about turns and your dog must sit automatically when you stop moving.)
  • Complete at least a Two-Minute Stand Stay (handler out of site - with distractions)
  • Complete at least a Five-Minute Sit Stay (handler out of site - with distractions)
  • Complete at least a Twenty-Minute Down Stay (handler out of site - with distractions)

** Optional ** 

  • Complete at least a Ten-Minute “Ook” or "Chin" stay (handler out of site – with distractions.) – If you succeed during the test, you will earn a free Sirius K9 T-Shirt and one free class of your choosing! :)
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