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WE OFTEN HAVE GREAT DOGS AVAILABLE! We will post them here as they come available. Please check here often, or contact us for a special request / want / or need.

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Philly vom haus Gochi - "Philly"
D.O.B. = October 31, 2009
Sire: Ein A Roger
Dam: Carla vom Barenschuss

AKC #: DN26220703

Price: $750. (negotiable)

Philly is a large dark sable male Shepherd from strong working German lines. He is a great family pet and loves kids. He is house and obedience trained and is neutered as well as current on all his vaccinations. He currently resides with two children, a 3-year old and a 11-month old, as well as another dog, a 45 lb, male, Lab / Pit mix, that is 13-years old. Philly does not have issues with other medium to large dogs, but given the opportunity, will chase cats and small dogs. So he would not be a good fit in a home with either cats or small dogs.

Philly is currently in Advanced Personal Protection training and Intermediate Obedience training at Sirius K9 Academy. He has completed our beginner obedience and beginner / intermediate protection training classes.

One of Philly's favorite things is to search for hidden toys, playing frisbee, and retrieving a ball. He has exceptional drive and determination. Philly is a very fun dog to handle in protection, and search / detection work and would love to continue to do this type of work in his new home.

During a physical exam, radiographs were taken in 2010, and Dr William Grant II at Community Veterinary Hospital in Garden Grove noted that Philly has moderate hip displaysia and subluxation in his left hip. This is not evident while observing Philly walk, run, work, or play however. He has never displayed any pain, limping, or an awkward gait or limp.

The only reason that the current owners are looking for a new home for Philly is because their youngest child is extremely allergic to dogs. They are devastated and heart-broken by the situation.

This is an exceptional dog. He would be best suited in a home where has structure and will be exercised every day and worked often. This dog has a high level of obedience and loves to work.

The asking price for Philly is much less than he is actually worth due to all the training he has completed, his pedigree, excellent temperament, health, and age. The family just wants to find Philly a great home where someone will appreciate him.

If you are interested in Philly, please contact the owner, Tom at 714-697-1588.

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