We Offer Obedience Evaluations

If your dog has had professional training elsewhere (not with us) and has completed at least basic obedience other than Petco or Petsmart Training, we would be happy to schedule an evaluation to assess your dog to verify that your dog has the proper and necessary level of control and obedience for the class you wish to participate in. However, please note that we only schedule evaluations if the owner feels confident that their dog can pass our Basic Obedience or Intermediate Obedience Test. (Please see "Our Tests" page for more details and to put your dog through our tests first = Tests ) If your dog cannot pass our Basic or Intermediate Obedience Test as specified (they must be able to complete all the exercises as indicated), then please do not ask to schedule an evaluation. You would need to begin with the class level (or private lesson or in-kennel training) your dog was unable to pass. If your dog has had no formal professional training, then you would begin with basic obedience via a class, private lesson, or in-kennel training.

The Basic Obedience Level Evaluation lasts approximately 30 minutes and costs $25.
The Intermediate Obedience Level Evaluation lasts approximately 45 minutes and costs $40.
If you need to be evaluated for both levels, the eval is approximately an hour and costs $60.
They must be scheduled in advance and are by appointment only.

** Please note: You may pre-pay under "Make A Payment" or provide us with a credit card over the phone in order to reserve an evaluation spot with us and to schedule an appointment.

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