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Please see our "Our Tests" page to see what your dog will learn in this class!

** See our Current Class Schedule for class start dates and times. **

Sirius K9 Academy Basic Group Obedience Classes run 6 weeks in length and are held in Yorba Linda.

Prerequisite: You must sign up for this class on our website under "Sign Up For A Class", pay a deposit of $50. per dog to reserve a spot and be added to the class roster, and submit your dog's vaccination records via email or fax before the end of the work day the Tuesday prior to the class start date. Please also include the rescue or shelter paperwork if you are wanting to receive that discount in your email or fax to us. You may pay the deposit via our website under "Make A Payment", by mail (if its at least 2 weeks before the start date), or over the phone. The balance is due on the first day of class and the deposit will be applied to the class fee. Contact Caroline at 714-296-9714 or via email at Caroline@siriusk9training.com for more class details.

This class is great for dogs of all ages! We have many dogs that start the class behaving aggressively towards other dogs or that are extremely timid / fearful / shy due to a lack of socialization or improper socialization, traumatic experiences, or just poor genetics, but by the end of the last class improve so dramatically that it is remarkable! (This happens in every class!)

If you are not sure where your dog fits in because you have done prior professional training with your dog elsewhere, please put your dog through our Basic Obedience Test as specified at a neutral outdoor location (away from the comforts of your home) to test and judge your dog's skills properly and accurately. If your dog can do all of the exercises without a correction as indicated, then you may schedule an evaluation with us so that we can move you onto our Intermediate Group Obedience class. If your dog cannot pass our Basic test as specified, then you would start there. Sirius K9 AcademyBasic Obedience Test and Certification

We recommend that dogs be at least 4 months old when starting this class and have completed all vaccinations. If your dog is younger than 4 months old, we recommend that you sign up for our Puppy Manners class.

WE EDUCATE YOU on how to train your dog properly by using both positive and negative consequences together CORRECTLY! We encourage the use of toys and treats to motivate your dog and make it FUN! We have many references and get really great feedback about our classes!

Please note: The first day of class, the orientation, is approximately 2 1/2 hours. Dogs do not attend the first class. We encourage the entire family to attend the orientation as it is extremely insightful and educational, and so that everyone in your household is consistent and educated. Anyone wanting to handle a dog in class must attend the orientation. We will teach you how to get your dog's respect! We especially encourage women to handle the dog in class, as it is very common for women to have a harder time getting the dog's respect. (We will exlain why this happens at the orientation!)

Class Dates: Our next Basic Group Classes begin soon! Our classes are limited in size. Please check our schedules page for start dates.

The 2 1/2 hour Basic Class Orientation is held in Yorba Linda at 10am and is mandatory for those wanting to attend one of our basic group classes. (You can not attend our basic classes without first attending an Orientation in Yorba Linda first.) You can also do a 1 1/2 - 2 hour private lesson prior to lesson #2 at an additional cost and join the next basic class if you cannot attend one of our scheduled orientation dates.

The Basic Class Orientation is also open to those who just want to be educated further about dogs in general. It is a wonderful class for those who want to expand their knowledge, improve their handling and leadership skills, fix issues they are having at home, and who want to develop a better understanding of their dog, as well as a stronger bond, and build more trust with their own dog. You can attend just the Basic Class Orientation without joining the basic class for $50.

Please note: If you would like to only attend the orientation but do not want to participate in one of the basic classes, you must still sign up for the Basic Class Orientation and pay for the class in advance in order to reserve your spot. Please put in the comment section that you are just wanting to attend the orientation.

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Payment is due on the first day of class. (Please see below for class pricing.)
** We proudly offer many discounts, including for dogs adopted from a rescue organization or shelter, current law enforcement, fire, & military personnel, guide/service dogs, for returning clients, and multiple dog discounts.
Note: Only one discount per dog.

This class covers the following commands:

  • Informal heeling (dog stays with you on a loose leash - no more pulling!)
  • Formal heeling (dog stays at your left or right side all on its own - the dog's head is even with your legs. (Includes: left, right, and about turns)
  • Automatic sit (the dog will automatically sit when you stop walking without being given a command to sit)
  • Sit / down / & sit from a down (at your side and at the end of the leash in front of you in place)
  • Sit and down stay with heavy distractions
  • A "recess" command (to reward and release your dog from obedience training)
  • Informal recall (reinforces the dog's name for when it is off leash)
  • Formal recall (the dog must come to you and sit directly in front of you from a minimum of 15')
  • Wait (so the dog does not bolt out the door, crate, or gate, and waits to be given the command to eat, etc)
  • Common behavior issues such as digging, chewing, mouthing/biting, house/potty training, jumping, greeting skills/manners, body language, safety in public places when with your dog and how to protect/defend yourself from loose dogs, etc.)
  • And much much more!

This is MUCH more than just an obedience class!!!! You will learn a LOT!

(WEDNESDAYS 6:00pm / SUNDAYS at 9:00am or 3pm) With an over-flow class as needed at 11am on Sundays. (The over-flow class time will be assigned based on sign-up / deposit date.) Held in Yorba Linda.
Instructors: Caroline Haldeman and John Endlich. (This course has a minimum of two and as many as four instructors per class!)

New classes for 2015 begin on:

SUNDAY = April 26th / June 14th / August 2nd / September 20th / and November 8th.

Please note: The first YL Wednesday class is on the above posted Sunday class start dates. We combine our classes for the first class which is an orientation. After attending the Sunday YL orientation, if you signed up for the YL Wednesday class, you will then attend the remaining classes on the following Wednesday evenings, or on the following Sunday at your assigned class time. (Class size maximum is 10 - 12 dogs for our YL classes.) Dogs do NOT attend the first class. The first class is approximately 2 1/2 hours long and the following classes with your dog will average 1 1/2 hours each. Cost: $200.00 ** ($25.00 Discount for two or more dogs from the same household. / $25.00 Discount for dogs adopted from a shelter or rescue. / $25.00 Discount for returning clients, service dogs in training, current law enforcement, fire, and military personnel!) Please note: Only one discount per dog.

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