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** As of early 2020, we have been keeping our basic group obedience classes very small. We are allowing only 6 dogs MAXIMUM at each basic group class (our clients LOVE these small classes!)

** Next Classes Begin January 2023! (Our late October classes have already filled and these classes are our last basic classes of the year.) **

** We have a couple new classes starting at least once per month on Sundays. These classes fill extremely fast, often many weeks in advance and are first come first serve. Complete your registration below to reserve a spot in our next class.

Sirius K9 Academy Basic Group Obedience Classes run 5 weeks in length and are located in (or right near) Yorba Linda at a private location. The classes meet once per week on either Saturdays or Sundays. Our Basic Class is the most thorough Basic Class you will ever attend! You will learn more in our classes then you will anywhere else!

Please see "Our Tests" page to see video clips of each exercise your dog will learn in this class below!

Sirius K9 AcademyBasic Obedience Test and Certification


Class Prerequisites:
Dogs must be a minimum of 4 months of age or older and must have completed all DHPP puppy vaccinations  (which must have been administered by a veterinarian or vet tech - self administered shots will not be accepted, in order to protect your dog as well as the other dogs in class) and the Rabies vaccination is also required if your dog is 6 months of age or older.
**All information below must be received in order to complete registration;
1.) A Class Sign Up form filled out and submitted via our website under "Sign Up For A Class", or all information may be emailed to us (to info@siriusk9training.com) ** Please include first and last names of Everyone 18 yrs or older that will be handling the dog in class.
2.) The full class fee ($300) received either via our website under "Make A Payment" using Paypal (link on the left towards the bottom), or over the phone using a credit card by calling 714-296-9714, or you can make a payment using venmo or zelle (we can send you the link to venmo or zelle upon request.) 
3.) Your dog's current DHPP vaccination records (or Titer Tests) from your veterinarian via email (and Rabies certificate if 6 months or older.) (Our email is info@siriusk9training.com.)
4.) Let us know from where you got your dog (i.e. - shelter / rescue (please specify which one), if you found your dog, it is from a breeder, you got them from a friend, you bought your dog off craigstlist, or you got them from a pet store, etc.)
5.) First and Last Names of those attending the class from your household, including yourself if you will be attending. Please also include everyone's relation to you and include ages if under 18 yrs of age. Please note; Handlers must be 12 yrs of age or older, and an adult must first start out handling the dog, before we can give permission to anyone under 18 yrs of age to handle the dog. This decision is up to us, sometimes, depending on the dog's temperament, we will not allow anyone under 18 yrs of age to handle the dog. If you will be bringing children to the classes that are under 14 yrs of age, an adult 18 yrs or older (other than the handler) must be present to watch the children.
6.) How you found us or who referred you to us (so we can thank them :)
7.) Your goals with your dog.

** Once we receive everything above from you, you will be registered for the class. You will then receive an email from us with all of the class details, class time / start date options, class location, and a list of equipment needed, etc.

This class is great for dogs that are at least 4 mo of age or older. Their is no age limit! It is especially beneficial for dogs between 4 months and 1 year. We have many dogs that start the class behaving aggressively towards other dogs or that are extremely timid / fearful / shy due to a lack of socialization or improper socialization, traumatic experiences, or just poor genetics, but by the end of the last class improve so dramatically that it is remarkable! (This happens in every class!)

If you are not sure where your dog fits in because you have done prior professional training with your dog elsewhere, please put your dog through our Basic Obedience Test as shown and described at a neutral outdoor location (away from the comforts of your home) to test your dog's obedience skills properly. If your dog can do all of the exercises without a correction or repeating of commands, then you may schedule an evaluation with us so that we can move you onto our Intermediate Group Obedience class. If your dog cannot pass our Basic test as specified, then you would start there.
Sirius K9 AcademyBasic Obedience Test and Certification

We recommend that dogs be at least 4 months old when starting this class and have completed all puppy DHPP vaccinations. If your dog is younger than 4 months old, we recommend that you sign up for our Puppy Class.

WE EDUCATE YOU on how to train your dog properly by using both positive and negative consequences together CORRECTLY! This is called BALANCED TRAINING! We encourage the use of tug toys and treats to motivate your dog and make it FUN! We have many references and get really great feedback about our classes!

Sirius K9 AcademyClick here for Basic Obedience Equipment List 

This class covers the following commands:

  • Informal heeling
  • (dog stays with you on a loose leash - no more pulling!)
  • Formal heeling
  • (dog stays at your left or right side all on its own - the dog's head is even with your legs. (Includes: left, right, and about turns)
  • Automatic sit
  • (the dog will automatically sit when you stop walking without being given a command to sit)
  • Sit / down / & sit from a down
  • (at your side and at the end of the leash in front of you in place)
  • Sit and down stay
  • (with distractions)
  • A "recess" command
  • (to reward and release your dog from obedience training)
  • Informal recall
  • (reinforces the dog's name for when it is off leash)
  • Formal recall
  • (the dog must come to you and sit directly in front of you from a minimum of 15')
  • Wait
  • (so the dog does not bolt out the door, crate, or gate, and waits to be given the command to eat, etc)
  • Common behavior issues
  • (such as digging, chewing, mouthing/biting, house/potty training, jumping, greeting skills/manners, body language, safety in public places when with your dog and how to protect/defend yourself from loose dogs, etc.)
  • And much much more!
  • This is MUCH more than just an obedience class!!!! YOU will learn a LOT!

    Invest in your dog's future!
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